Dear Praying Friends,

What a wonderful first month on the deputation trail! We are so blessed to see God’s hand continually provide for our every need at every turn. He truly has overseen us and given us exactly what we needed when we needed it. God miraculously provided our very first meeting! We were so blessed to be able to speak at Bright Light Baptist Church in Concord, North Carolina. Pastor Ronnie Simpson and his wife Frances were so kind and sweet! They provided us with a very nice hotel room and invited us to attend their international dinner they were hosting that evening. WOW! What a meal! The food there was absolutely delectable. We truly enjoyed the opportunity to sit with a few of the church people and fellowship just briefly before the service. After the meal, we joined the two other missionary couples there (Guin & Pike) along with the congregation in the main auditorium. It was very evident by the people’s hearts that they were a missions-minded church. What a blessing it was to see the people smile all throughout the missionary presentations!

We were blessed to have been given some authentic Icelandic materials that we were able to place on a presentation table with some “homemade” prayer cards. God provided this meeting much sooner than we had anticipated and we are so grateful and blessed to be able to be on the receiving end of this gift. God encouraged us tremendously through this church.

We are still serving here in Asheville, North Carolina at Temple Baptist Church under Pastor Patrick Creed. We have had the opportunity to take over the two and three-year-old junior church class. We also just finished our Vacation Bible School with the Gideeup Junction theme where we were able to see three young children accept Christ as their personal savior! Megumi was able to lead two girls to the Lord personally.

We are so very excited to see how God provides in the near future as we begin to travel a little more. Please pray with us for traveling mercies as we have meetings this September in Maryland.

With brotherly love,
The Sears Family

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