What We Believe

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The Bible

Before we can attempt to prove any doctrines, we must first believe and prove one truth. This truth is the infallibility, inerrancy, and perfection of the word of God. I believe the King James Version to be God’s perfect word for the English speaking people. (2 Tim 3:16 / Mt. 5:18)

Contemporary Movement

We see several distinctive features in their ministry which leads me to claim the Independent Fundamental Baptist as my own. I do not associate or agree with the contemporary movement sweeping through our nation today. I do not see in scripture at any point where we reach the world with the things of the world. (1Jn. 2:15-17 / Mt. 5:14-16)

Baptist Beliefs

I believe in Biblical authority, the autonomy of the local church, the priesthood of believers, two ordinances (Being Baptism and the Lord’s supper), individual soul liberty, salvation and baptism being required for church membership, two offices of the local church (being the pastor and the deacon), and Separation. (2Tim. 3:16 / Col. 1:18 / Heb. 4:14-16 / 1 Cor. 11:23 / Rom. 10:9-17 / Ac. 2:41 / Phi. 1:1, Rom 13:1-4 / 1 Pet. 1:16)

Salvation by Grace Through Faith

The bible is very clear on how one can know this wonderful truth. First, we must recognize our condition. (Rom. 5:12) The second step is to realize the penalty of sin. (Rom. 6:23) Third, recognize Christ payed the price for your sin. (Rom. 5:8) Last, Accept Christ as your personal savior. (Rom. 10:13)

Eternal Security

God tells us that ‘no man can pluck thee out of my hand’ in John 10:29. Just like no man can pluck us out of God’s hand, we cannot remove our self from his hand. ! If you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sin, that he died, and rose again three days later to ascend to heaven, you can be saved from Hell if you have not accepted him, the bible tells us that hell is where you would go if you died.

Requirement of Baptism

The Bible shows us that the first step of obeying God in his command of salvation, is baptism. The Bible shows us in several instances that baptism is for those who are saved, and is to happen immediately, the same hour, or the same day as the conversion of one’s soul. (Ac. 2:41)

The Trinity

I believe that the Bible shows us that there is only one true God, made up of three individuals. The Hebrew word ‘Elohim’. In the Hebrew section of the Bible, known as the Old Testament, the word ‘Elohim’ meaning god or deity is a plural noun. Some may believe that this would aid the belief of polytheism, however when this word is used with singular verbs, it is clear that this is speaking of the trinity. (Isa. 48:12 / 1Jn. 5:7 / Mt. 3:16-17 / Jn. 14:15-16)


Soul-winning has been a pillar in the Baptist realm for decades. In Proverbs 11:30 God tells us “… he that winneth souls is wise.” We see many examples of soul winning in the Bible. Jesus, Paul, and many if not all of the apostles all saw souls saved. However, the soul-winning we Baptist are speaking of is a door-to-door soul-winning found in Acts 2:46. (Mt. 28:19)



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