Dear Praying Supporters,

December has been a fantastic month filled with God’s provisions and I pray that you have all had a peaceful time this holiday season (as peaceful as it can be at least). This month began with a few moments of taking some deep breaths as we returned home from our longest trip yet. God was more than good to us in November and we thank God for that, but there was definitely a level of stress from the travels and doctor’s appointments for our newest addition to our family. We were extremely blessed to have several meetings this month. We had heard that this time of year was extremely difficult to get meetings scheduled, but for our first December on deputation, God truly provided more than expected. We were able to stay much closer to home this month and have greatly enjoyed the ability to drop into the local churches here in the area whenever we do not have a scheduled meeting.

Praise of the month.

While we were at a meeting in Cleveland, NC with pastor Young, we received several personal answers to prayer including news from one church we had previously visited who contacted us to let us know that they would be taking us on beginning in January 2020. We are so grateful and honored that God has chosen us to serve Him in His ministry and that He is providing the means to continue serving Him as He promised He would. It is always a reassurance to know you are in the Lord’s will when He provides for your every need. I am so ecstatic to be a servant for the King.

Please continue praying with us for safety as we travel; we have several meetings coming up quickly in the month of January, and our longest trip yet to come in February. God has never failed, nor will He begin now, but please pray that we are spiritually aware to sense God’s leading from day to day. We also have several doctor’s appointments coming up, so please pray with us that our baby will continue to be healthy and that there would be no complications. We are so thankful for your continued support and we are looking forward to seeing what God does in the coming year.

The Sears Family

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