Dear praying supporters,

Happy belated New Year! I trust and pray that God is blessing you tremendously as we press on for the cause of Christ. I regret to say this, but I somewhat assumed that this month would be a dud with not much activity and little to write about, but oh, how wrong I have been! This moth started off with a major honor for me as I was privileged to travel home and preach the very first message of the year in the pulpit of my sending church. I was so humbled that I would be able to be used of God in that capacity. While we did not have many meetings this month that were scheduled, we were able to drop into many churches unannounced, but with great reception at all churches as if they had been looking forward for us to come for months. On one account, we dropped into Fletcher First Baptist Church and were introduced to the pastor who asked if I would be able to present my burden and sing. What a wonderful opportunity! The church lovingly took up an offering for us and was a tremendous blessing to us.

In the middle of the month, I had the opportunity to make some extra cash with someone who I had met that needed help moving. I was able to help out and while I was there I met a man named Ryan. Ryan and I left to go get lunch and began talking. He began to tell me about some of the difficulties in his life not knowing that I was about to introduce him to a Master who could hold his hand throughout every situation of life. On the return to the house at which we were working, I was able to pull over into the CVS parking lot and lead this dear man to the Lord. What an incredible opportunity! God had set up that divine meeting and prepared his heart for that exact moment. I always feel so privileged to be used by God in seeing souls led to Christ. Please pray for Ryan that I would be able (in the midst of all of our travels) to be a friend to him and bring him to church.

We also have been able to schedule many meetings for the upcoming months. We will be traveling to Texas in February and Florida in March. God has truly blessed us in this area as we make our last major trips before our precious baby is born. We find out the gender of the baby in just a few days, so please pray with me that it is a boy. I am just kidding, but in all sincerity, please pray that the baby is healthy just as God has designed it to be. Please also be in prayer for traveling safely to Texas this coming month.

How foolish of me to think that this month would be empty of God’s providence. To top off the month, we have seen six additional churches take us on for support bringing us to nearly fifteen percent and on our way to twenty. God also provided some much-needed tires for our vehicle to keep us safe on the road during our long travels.

Thank you for your continued support,
The Sears Family

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