Dear Praying Friends,

God is so good to us. We had a busy month, covering five states, eleven different beds, eight churches, and over sixty-five hours of driving. Finally, we arrived back home Tuesday the 3rd. We truly saw God move and provide in incredible ways.

We left for Texas on the 10th of February starting out with fourteen hours of driving to a little town called Rusk, TX. We had a phenomenal time of fellowship with the church, and God blessed us tremendously through their ministry. I enjoyed the opportunity to preach and then join the pastor and his family at dinner. The next morning we hopped back in the car for another ten-hour drive to El Paso where we would attend the only missions conference we would have while in Texas. This church was such a blessing to be at. We enjoyed making new friends, meeting new missionaries and making memories together in the ministry.

We had such a sweet time of prayer before each service where I had the privilege to hear many stories of men of God who would tell of things that God had done through their ministries. What an honor it was to be the “newcomer” to the ministry. Our next church brought us to the other side of El Paso where they so generously allowed us to stay in their prophet’s chamber. We were honored to have the opportunity to speak in the chapel service. Every time I speak to teenagers and children, I thank God that I am able to speak to the future of the world, and if I can have some small impact on their lives that they will follow God before all else, perhaps our nation will have a continued chance for revival. I also had the opportunity to preach that Wednesday evening, where I had the chance to preach with a Spanish translator for the first time.

Directly following this wonderful meeting, we traveled on to Odessa, TX where we spent the weekend with the pastor and his wife engaging in several different fellowships they had lined up. We truly loved this church and hated to leave. Sadly all good things must come to an end, which leads us to Austin, TX. This was our second to last meeting where we were able to meet up with some friends who had moved to Austin a few years ago. What sweet fellowship we had with them!

Our last meeting was in Midland, TX where we had many opportunities to serve in ministry. We always appreciate the chance to go soul winning and attend the prayer meetings throughout the week. We don’t often get that chance, but we were able to serve in many capacities during this meeting.
God truly provided for everything and more than we anticipated. Isn’t it good when you can trust God to come through each and every time, and that He finds the most astonishing ways to do so? Thank God for his faithfulness.

The Sears Family

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