Dear supporters,

What a wonderful month we have been blessed with. God has provided many ways that were very much unexpected yet very appreciated. While we grow ever closer to meeting our baby boy, God has placed his hand of safety on us keeping us and our baby safe and healthy. We thank God that he has allowed us to maintain our health and ability to work and keep ourselves productive while so many others are required to stay at home idly. I personally know several missionaries who have been put back several months in their plans to further their support on the deputation trail, however, this came at truly the best time for us as we had intended to put things on hold because of the birth of our son. While I have put a hold on calling churches currently, we are so blessed to have a God who is looking out for us.

Also this month, our sending church put together a virtual baby shower for my wife and me. We had gifts stacked to our ceiling with several dozens of boxes, and parcel packages scattered throughout the house. It was such a blessing to see just how much we are loved and to be able to see so many of our friends who we had not seen for quite some time. Technology can be used poorly if not carefully, but it can also be such a blessing to reunite with friends or to continue the spread of the gospel without spreading the virus.

Furthermore, in Iceland, Bro. Wiemer has begun the final stages of completing the building project. The main auditorium is the final project. Just a few short weeks ago, the walls were just metal frames and plywood, but with many hours of labor, Bro. Wiemer has been able to place many support beams on the ceiling which will become the wood-finished arches in the auditorium, and hang many sheets of drywall. It looks incredible! We are so excited to see it in person, and even more excited to arrive in Iceland for good. We know that we are many months if not years away from attaining that goal, but we eagerly await God’s timing in getting us there.

This month, we received a very sweet email from a family asking about the Icelandic language, economy, and other facts for a report on missions that their daughter had for school. It was such a blessing to be able to help, and upon asking what church we had met them at, they informed us that we had, in fact, never met. They lived out in California and had found us online. Their daughter had chosen Iceland and found us online and was able to get in contact with us. Now, there is nothing special about us, but we were so honored to be able to inspire the next generation about missions. God has a plan for that little girl, and perhaps missions is where God wants her, and if I can help in any way to continue that desire to serve God, I am thrilled to do so.

As always, thank you so much for your continued faithful support. We are envious of your prayers and pray that God blesses you and your churches for giving to spread the word of God across the globe.

The Sears Family

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