Dear supporters,

Another month in the books, and we are one step closer to getting back on the road! In fact, we had the opportunity to travel down to our sending church in Charleston, SC where I was able to help work on their building project. Missionary Dan Munson (a helps missionary) arrived at our sending church to help with several projects. Perhaps the largest of them was the installation of metal roofing on the entire building. While I did not have the chance to be there for the entirety of the project, I was able to help in several ways while we were there. What a blessing to be a part of working on God’s house! I had a wonderful time working with my dad and Bro. Munson in the heat as we were baked like cookies on that roof.

While in Charleston, I was given another awesome privilege to mount the pulpit and preach on Sunday morning. It is always a joy and blessing to be able to open God’s word and bring a message for the church. If there was anything we learned from this trip it was that babies have too much stuff to take with them. I am sure it will only get worse from here, but it was a shock to me that we barely fit in our car on the drive there and back with Everett’s toys, bed, clothes, food, and everything else cramming into our seats. Don’t get me wrong, I will do absolutely anything for our son, however, I was not prepared to have to eat my knees for four hours straight. That being said, it was an eye-opener that we will need to upgrade our vehicle for the upcoming travels if we want to be able to see over the dashboard or even breath. Of course, I am just joking, but in all sincerity, would you please pray with us that we would be able to acquire a large enough vehicle to facilitate our travels?

God is continuing to open doors for us and has blessed us tremendously through this pandemic from start to finish. The timing of the virus, while tragic and saddening, came at probably the best time possible for us. We had already planned to take a step back so that we could focus on preparing ourselves and our house … I mean apartment, for little Everett. Because of this, we have only had a cancellation of just a few meetings, and most of those have been rescheduled for another time. I am continually in amazement at how good God is to us, and how he blesses us so often and we do not even see it.

Please pray that the upcoming meetings that we do have would remain while it seems that “Big Corona” rears its ugly head once again.

The Sears Family

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