Dear Supporters,

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!

In the rear-view mirror.
Last month we mentioned that we needed to upgrade our vehicle because of our newest member of our family and all the toys and things that he needs to bring with him, we were running low on space in my little hatchback. God, however, provided for our need and answered our prayers. We were able to obtain a vehicle this month with very low mileage. Because God had kept our vehicles in good shape, we were able to trade them in for a good vehicle that will keep our family safe, as we travel many miles throughout the nation, and allows for extra room to bring all the needed supplies for extended traveling. We thank you for praying toward this need and trust that God will bless you as he has blessed us.

Also this past month, God provided another church’s support taking us to just over 17% support, and as we near 20% we know we are already one fifth of the way finished with our deputation trail. WOW! That is absolutely mind boggling. It seems like just a few weeks ago we were traveling to our first meeting.

What’s next?
Coming up soon we are getting ready for another excursion. We will be a part of five mission’s conferences in the coming months and are so very excited about how we will be able to be a blessing to each church. God always provides our need and more through the churches, but what is truly special to us as missionaries is the opportunity to invest in someone at that church. My wife an I often look back on the past year and reminisce about our favorite churches and why they were so great. Often times we rejoice about the chance we had to participate in a special ministry or lead a soul to the Lord, or how a young boy surrendered his life to God under my preaching. What a privilege!

Fun Fact about Iceland.
Iceland is approximately 80% uninhabited because of its many volcanoes, rocky plateaus, mountain ranges, fjords, and pastures making it the most uninhabitable place on Earth. Yet there remains over 300,000 people who live there who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Sears Family

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