Dear Supporters,

It is so good to finally be on the road again. My wife recently turned to me and said “I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be on the road again.”

In the rear-view mirror.
Last month we were able to be at our first missions conference post­corona. It seems that everything is now based on a timeline of 8.C. And A.C (Before Corona and After Corona) but while that is the case, this conference was a great blessing to us. We enjoyed being able to stay at our own home and travel back and forth each day. At this conference, we were privileged to speak to several different age groups in their school, as well as present the ministry and preach throughout the week. We have definitely missed the busyness of pre-field ministry. We look forward to what is to come.

What’s next?
In the coming months we have several missions conferences that we have been invited to attend, however we have already had two conferences cancel on us for the month of October. Please be in prayer that as I call churches that God would supply the meetings that He wants us to have. We have been forced to learn patience and to wait on God’s timing during this season, however we are confident that God will supply our needs according to his riches. We are continuing to participate in our “One-a-day-warrior” where we strive to pass out one or more invitations to church each day. It has been such an encouraging time for our church as we are striving to see 20,000 invitations passed out in one year’s time! This month, Everett decided to join in and pass out his one invitation to the barista where he gets his coffee. (For all you concerned mothers out there; no, we do not allow him to have coffee.)

Fun Fact about Iceland.
Many of Iceland’s roads wind and curve seemingly for no reason. However Icelanders believed that wherever there is a rock formation it is the home of one of the “hidden-folk” or trolls. So if you ever travel to Iceland (which I highly recommend) take note of the rocks, you may be standing on the house of a mythical creature.

The Sears Family