Dear supporters,

In the Rear-view Mirror
What an interesting month we’ve had. We began this month traveling down to Florida for a few meetings around the state. God richly blessed us at these churches with the ability to meet new friends and catch up with some old ones. We are praying that God opens the door for us to be able to see our support level increased. As we traveled back home we made a stop at our sending church to dedicate Everett to the Lord (pictured right). During this time we were able to enjoy some time with family, however it all changed one night when Everett woke us up in the early hours of the night with a terrible sounding cough. Though we are not really sure what exactly he came down with, he so kindly passes it along to me and my wife. Thankfully it wasn’t COVID so we are still able to travel without having to quarantine, but what an unexpected end to such a wonderful month.

The Road Ahead
March is going to be one crazy month for sure. Tomorrow the 2nd of March, we embark on our largest trip to date on deputation. We will begin our trip in Tennessee, continue on to Ohio, Illinois, and Nebraska; from there we will make our way to Washington state, then begin our travels back home. We will be then in South Dakota, Illinois, and then Kentucky. Arriving home on the 12th of April and leaving just a few days later to upstate New York.

Important update
Throughout the craziness we have been through this year, I forgot to send out our new home address. The address on our prayer card and prayer letter is out of date. Our new address is 22 A Half Moon Dr., Swannanoa NC 28778. Please send any correspondence to either this address or our sending church.

The Sears Family

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