Dear supporters,

In the Rear-view Mirror
February was a wonderful month. We started on a rough note with Everett testing positive for Covid. Because of this we had to quarantine him for ten days. Which is not small task to keep something this energetic caged up for that long. For those of you who have met our little squirt, you know just how much energy he can have. Immediately after this, we ventured over to central Tennessee where we enjoyed a missions conference. This church loved missions and missionaries, it was evident that they did not simply have a missions conference, but a missions heart and culture at their church. God used them to encourage us to keep pressing on. Then we travelled yet again to Maryland where we had another missions conference. During this month we saw three churches take us on for support which brings us just a hair below 60%! Praise God!

The Road Ahead
God has used a change in tactic to schedule many meetings these next two months. We have scheduled several missions conferences and meetings and we do not have a single opening or free service until the middle of April. This month is crucial for us as we prepare for our move to Iceland. We must purchase our furniture and appliances and house hold goods one year in advance to avoid major import taxes. Please pray with us that God would provide the funds necessary and the prices to allow us to facilitate this.

A Different Perspective
Hi, my name is Everett. My family and I are m1ss1onaries to Iceland. I am just one and a half years old but I have more energy than a tesla. I love dinosaurs and cars and traveling. I do not enjoy our long drives in the car, but mom and dad always try to make it special for me. Because they surrendered their lives to God, we all get to see some really cool things and do awesome stuff. I love making new friends wherever I go. Read our next letter to hear more about what I do while we travel.

The Sears Family

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