Dear supporters,

In the Rear-view Mirror
It never ceases to amaze me to watch God provide for our needs over and over again. As many of you know, we needed to purchase our furniture, appliances, and home goods last month in preparation for our move to Iceland. God used several different churches to give above and beyond regular support to facilitate this and allow us to purchase everything we need . After this, we headed to a meeting locally in North Carolina where we spoke with a few people who will be tremendously helpful through our move. One individual is able to expedite our passports for us which we need in order to apply for my (Nathan) residency permit. The second individual works with the international shipping of containers, and has helped a few missionaries move before. Both of these people I know have been placed in our path by God at just the right time. We also have seen a few churches take us on for support this month bringing us to 65%, keeping us on track to reach Iceland in March of Next year.

The Road Ahead
Currently, we are In Dothan, Alabama at a wonderful missions conference, and have a completely booked month in April. With a total of nine churches and three missions conferences, God has definitely filled our schedule. This month will be a blur as we travel all over, but we are eager to see what God does this month.

A Different Perspective
This is Everett again, this month was really cool! We have been able to see lots of cool things and meet lots of people. This is my first time going to four different missions conferences in a row! I was able to meet some distant cousins and had a great time. The church we are at now has a trampoline, ping pong, basketball and so much more. I can play all day with so  many different things. While sometimes traveling can be difficult, God even takes care of little things like toys for me to play with.

The Sears Family

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