Dear supporters,

In the Rear-view Mirror
The month of April has been such an amazing time to see the LORD work. We had a wonderful Easter and truly enjoyed serving our God. This month we saw two different churches take us on for support in their services for a total of eight churches taking us on for support this month alone! As we approach the end of our deputation, it is so exciting for us as the weight and reality of our move to Iceland approach. As you may remember from our last letter, we needed our passports in order to apply for my (Nathan) residence permit. God took care of this one too. Without any extra help from our friend, God expedited our passports and we received them in just four short weeks as opposed to the sixteen week average timeline most applicants see. It is amazing to watch God work over and over on our behalf, constantly confirming this to be His plan for our lives.

The Road Ahead
As we approach the summer months, our schedule will slow down slightly from the busy missions conference season, but we will definitely remain active in our travels. As we approach the close of this leg of our journey, would you please join us in prayer about all the moving parts that need to work properly. There are still a few costly items that will need to be purchased between now and then, and many forms to fill out. We would greatly appreciate your prayers that everything is filed correctly and that the Lord continues to work on our behalf and that all things would go smoothly. We know that God has done so much for us, how could we doubt Him now?

A Different Perspective 
Hi, Everett again. I am almost two years old now and I am growing so fast. I am learning new signs and sounds and learning about so many new things. This month I have been able to feed some Koi fish, play at some really fun parks, and meet many new friends! I am so glad I get to go on these adventures with my parents.

The Sears Family

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