Dear supporters,

In the Rear-view Mirror
Watching God work on your behalf to help you and others bring honor back to Him is always amazing and humbling. We have now seen our support raised to 90% with more to come. This past month we were able to purchase our plane tickets to fly to Iceland on February 28th! God allowed us to find a fantastic price and timing. We also saw God provide a need for the missionaries we will be working with. They had need of a professional-grade bounce house to use for their big days several times each year. Owning these will save massive amounts of money. We stayed very busy this month also. We were in West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida with thousands of miles, and our transmission has held up through it all very well! On top of that, whenever we were home, we were busy packing up our things to move out of our home this month. We are tired, but rejoicing for all God has done.

The Road Ahead
As we look forward to all that is to come, we cannot help but look back at all God has done and how he has used you to accomplish so many things. Thank you for your earnest prayers, faithful support, and investment in us and the ministry God has called us to. We could not be where we are today without people and churches like you to stand behind us and encourage us on our way. We also are very excited to be so very close to leaving for the field. This time has been long awaited for us and seems as if a dream. God has been so good to us, we pray that He will use us according to His will to spread the gospel to the people of Iceland.

Special need
As we prepare for our last steps of deputation, we are purchasing any final large ticket items that will be needed one Iceland. We will need a wide format printer that is able to print A3 paper size and lots of ink and paper for it. The total cost of the printer and supplies will be just under $900. This will cover the printer, 2000 sheets of regular paper, 500 sheets of card stock for teaching visuals, and 5 replacement cartridges for each color of ink. $400 has already been donated for this. If you feel led to give towards this need please contact us and we can provide any information you might need in order to process the funds.

The Sears Family

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