Dear supporters,

In the Rear View Mirror

Two months in and we are loving all that God has for us to do here in Iceland. From cleaning toilets to leading the singing and seeing souls saved in the services, we are honestly so honored that God has chosen us to take part in His ministry here. We are also so grateful for all of our supporting churches who have given to keep us on the field. God has most certainly used your sacrifices to impact this nation. At the end of last month (March) God put it on the hearts of several churches to give above and beyond to help us purchase a vehicle! It is still running very well and we have already been able to use it for several ministry applications. We were also able to host a camping outing. We had planned to travel out, but the weather was too bad and we ended up camping in the church and playing games having a great time. The following morning we made a trip to see some sights but had a time of devotion before we headed out. We saw some beautiful sights and made many wonderful memories.

The Road Ahead

This month begins with a big prayer request. Veteran missionaries Patrick and Vicki Weimer, who we are serving with here, have just left to the U.S. for five weeks to attend their daughter’s graduation, and their son’s ordination. They have left us along with a few great workers here at the church to keep the ministry strong in their absence. Please pray with us that God would use this time to strengthen the church. The Weimers have poured their lives into this ministry for nearly twenty-four years. It is our desire to protect what they have spent so long working towards. During this time, I (Nathan) will have the opportunity to preach on Sunday’s and teach several of the Bible studies. Their son Clayton and one of their great workers, John, will be filling in the pulpit during this time.

Prayer Requests

Nearly immediately after the Weimers return, Summer Camp will begin. This is a great week filled with the Bible, missionary stories, memory verses, games, and much more. There has already been months of preparation for this event, but there will be much more to come this month as well as financial needs to provide all that the campers need. Thank you for your prayer and support to help this outreach.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

The Sears Family

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