Dear supporters,

In the Rear View Mirror

How is it already August? This year has flown by so incredibly fast, yet God has been so amazingly good to us here in Iceland. July was packed full of little miracles from God. The month ended with a team of thirty-five people flying up from South Carolina to help the Weimer family and us with many tasks around the church property. In preparation for this team, we had much work ahead of us to prepare the tasks in such a way that they would be simple and easy to understand. In all, this team completed over sixty-five tasks! Among these tasks were a few major jobs, such as installing sixteen new windows on the exterior walls of the church. painting the parking lot lines for the first time. painting a large children’s corner in the parking lot for families to use as they pass by, leveling of the back property by hand. and so much more. God used these young people to help tremendously, and they did so with such a good attitude.

The Road Ahead

This month will be a very unusual month for Megumi and me. because this will most likely be the first month in which we have not had a major activity to prepare ~r- for, clean up from, or maintain. This month will possibly be our first “normal” month on the mission field since our arrival in March. This does not mean we will not be working. in fact. quite the opposite. But it will allow us to establish a more typical weekly routine in regards to my language studies and work at the church. We also just found out that we are expecting A GIRL!!!! Amelia Joy Sears will be coming right around Christmas! We are so blessed!

Fun Fact

The government of Iceland has a committee that oversees the naming of its citizens. If this committee has not already approved the name you wish to name your child you must either seek approval for the name you wish to use or simply pick a different name. In fact, Philip, Ben, and Christina are just three names that are banned in lceland. Our tax dollars are very hard at work here in Iceland.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

The Sears Family

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