Dear supporters,

In the Rear View Mirror

What I thought would be a slower and more normal month turned into a very busy month full of several different projects. After placing the fourteen new windows in the building last month, We have begun the process of making the window sills for them all. In addition, we placed one final window, which was twice the size and twenty feet off the ground, in the main room, which will be the auditorium in the future. This window was the final piece of construction of the building after nearly thirty years of building. God has been good and blessed tremendously, from the giving of many people in support of this ministry to the construction safety God gave to Bro. Weimer and those who worked alongside him. It is such a blessing and honor to be part of this ministry and to see the culmination of all that God has done and all the victories God has won here. We also completely reorganized our sound system this month by removing every aspect and putting it all back in with a few new pieces. We are so excited to see this system be used to glorify God and help us send the message of the gospel to this community.

The Road Ahead

This month will begin some additions for our ministry. We have begun a new teen service on Thursdays which we are extremely excited about. God has used this service in years past to help grow teens and teach them to serve God and serve Him even though every other aspect of this society tells them they are brainwashed and ignorant for believing in God. Megumi and I have also been given the incredible opportunity to lead an Icelandic 3rd-grade Sunday School class. Megumi is the teacher as she is already fluent in the language,
and I am assisting along side her. I am excited for the day that I am able to teach this class in Icelandic. This month also marks six months in Iceland. It is still absolutely incredible that God has allowed us to serve in this capacity. We feel so honored to simply be servants of God. Please pray for these new ministry opportunities that we have begun that God would bless and grow them to see people trust in Jesus and make the decision to serve God.

The Sears Family

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