Dear supporters,

In the Rear View Mirror

It is truly such an honor to serve God. September, while it was not filled with many work projects, has been a very busy month. I have spent many hours studying the Icelandic language forcing myself in many situations to speak Icelandic as often as possible. We have also seen God bless tremendously with both our third-grade Icelandic Sunday School class, as well as the Icelandic Teen service we hold on Thursdays. To God’s glory, both classes are running an average of ten, with several more who come periodically. We are working hard to build a strong relationship with these children and teens to show them just how much God loves them. God has truly used this teen service to bring the teens closer to God and become more excited about coming to church again. This is Hilmar, I first met him in 2018 on my very first trip to Iceland. He was a young camper on my team and helped me learn a few Icelandic words. He is now a young teenage and the Icelandic society has made fun of him for going to church which has discouraged him from being as faithful as he once was. However, God has used this teen service to re-ignite his desire to come to church. I am so thankful for all that God has used us to do already.

The Road Ahead

October will be another month closer to the winter season. As winter approaches, we will begin to see less and less daylight. With an average sunrise at 8:22 A.M. and sunset at 6:08 P.M. and losing 9 minutes of daylight a day. Despite the cold weather, snow, and lack of daylight, we are very excited to see how God uses us and grows this ministry for His glory. We are also eager to have our first family visit from my brother. He will be coming up near the end of October and will be bringing many supplies with him. God has been so good to us and we cannot wait to see what He has in store for us this month.

Important Announcement

Our mission board has been led by the Lord to move its headquarters from Florida to North Carolina. This is not an immediate change, so all mail can still be sent to the P.O. Box listed on the left-hand side of this letter. This announcement is just to inform you that there will be a change of address in the near future for any mail you might wish to send to us through our mission board.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

The Sears Family

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