Dear supporters,

In the Rear View Mirror

We are so thankful to our supporting churches for faithfully supporting us. God has continued to bless, and October has been a very good month for us. We began this month by taking our son to the national registry building called þjóðskrá, where our son was able to receive his Icelandic citizenship! This is a tremendous blessing and is just more reason to prove that God still works miracles and provides a way when it seems impossible. Not long after that, we were able to see a huge part of our building completed. We had finished the construction in September, but much of the trim work for all the windows we installed needed to be done. Most importantly, lights fashioned in the shape of a cross were hung on the large window facing the highway, making our church even easier to find and see. The road this window faces is the only road that connects our town to the capital and most of the rest of the country. Because of this, thousands of people a day pass this side of the church and now see a very bright cross on their way.

During the month of October, we also hosted a teen activity where we played laser tag, watched a movie, and enjoyed some good popcorn and other snacks. Teen night is definitely one of my favorite services where we have the opportunity to watch these young souls learn more about God and are challenged to trust Him more. We have also been blessed with great services, and several people joined our church this month! Finally, we were also able to have my brother over for a great visit. We spent the week seeing amazing things around Iceland; we saw waterfalls, a geyser, northern lights, natural hot springs, gorgeous mountains, and even a few large earthquakes. God’s creation never ceases to amaze me.

The Road Ahead

As the delivery of our baby girl approaches rapidly, we are preparing for her arrival; in addition, we will begin our practices for our Christmas program in the coming weeks. What a great opportunity to invite the parents of the children who come to our services and tell them all about the Bible stories and scripture verses they have learned. I believe God still wants to reach Iceland with the gospel, and it is our job to do all He asks of us to be used by Him in this great effort.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

The Sears Family

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