Dear supporters,

In the Rear View Mirror

How is January already over? We have had a very productive start to the year. With the first day of the year kicking off with the birth of our new baby Amelia we began 2024 with a new excitement. Just a few weeks after, we held a “Welcome Back” big day in our Icelandic ministry. During which we had over 80 in attendence and 20 of which were new visitors and doors that were opened to present the gospel. If you ever visit Iceland during the winter, you may realize that the weather conditions are not the best. Because of this, people are not often inclined to open the door and talk to people they do not know. However, hosting big days like this have proven to be very fruitful. In regards to the weather, just yesterday I was helping build our new platform at the church. (check out the QR code for the link to some of the process.)

I needed to bring in a sheet of plywood from the lumber yard that is directly across the fence from our church property. They had simply set the plywood across the fence as we had requested, but as I brought it into the building, the wind was so strong (55 MPH) that as I turned my back to the wind, the piece of plywood was lifted entirely off the ground to my waist height. This seemed odd, but made it incredibly easy to carry as the wind had taken all the weight of the plywood. All that was left to do was to guide it to the building. Definitely going to remember that for quite awhile.

The Road Ahead

This month I would like to put before you a prayer request. We are in need of a 9 passenger passenger vehicle. This will allow us to do so many things. From simply picking up people for church, assisting in the pick-up and drop-off routes
for our Icelandic outreach, to taking a team of people to another town with a bounce house on a trailer and hosting a big day. I believe that this is something that God wants done. We have already done reserach to find the vehicle I belive God would have us to purchase. At today’s exhchange rate, it costs $75,446, that is 10.36 millon Icelandic Krona. I am asking that you would pray that God puts it on the hearts of people and churches to give towards this fund. If God does impress upon you to give towards this, please send any and all funds to the PO Box of our mission board with “Project Mark 2:5” in the memo line.

Fun Fact About Iceland

The highest recorded winds in Iceland is a devestating gust of 166 MPH with a 10 minute sustained speed of 139 MPH. Average speeds are much closer to 20 MPH but it is not uncommon to have wind storms with gust of 75 MPH or faster. These storms also typically last for a few hours causing havoc on roads and any outdoor activites.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

The Sears Family

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