Dear Supporters,

Thank you again for your continued support. We are so thankful to be able to be used by God on deputation, but this month in particular has got to be one of the most exciting thus far.

In the rear-view mirror.
This past month we had three conferences scheduled throughout the east coast, and two of those conferences were canceled. Left with only one conference, we began to wonder, and I must admit I began to doubt what God was doing. I knew we were following Him as He had called us to, but how could He have left us with just one meeting for the month? “Did He not know that we are depending on these meetings to be able to pay our bills?” Was the thought that went through my head. Little did I know, God knew exactly what He was doing, and what an incredible blessing it was to be at this church. God had lined up this meeting to meet our exact needs. We had a wonderful time with the people at the church and made many friends. God used these newly made friends to meet needs and bless us in ways we didn’t expect.

I am humbled to see once again that God in His omniscience knew what he was doing; yet I am thankful that God would still continue to use me and bless me despite my doubt in His working. However, perhaps the greatest news this month, and that which makes it so special to us is that we have reached 22% support. We are so excited and are so happy that we have come so far and we look forward to what is down the road.

What’s next?
This letter is actually being written from the hotel room in Yarmouth, Maine. God has allowed us to be with a great friend here before we head to two conferences this month. On our way here, we had the great opportunity of staying with some friends of ours. Our son, Everett, has a newly found passion of reading. Of course it did help that he was accompanied by a new friend. We are honestly so enthralled to see how God uses us this month to fulfill His calling on our life.

Fun Fact about Iceland.
Iceland has several nicknames, but one that intrigues many people is the name “Land of the Midnight Sun”. While Iceland is not the only place that holds this name, it gets this name from being part of the Arctic Circle. Because of its geographic location, during the summer months, the sun does not set for a three month period of time. However, during the winter months the sun does not rise for three months.

The Sears Family