Dear supporters,
In the Rear-view Mirror
We have enjoyed the opportunity to be home some during this past month. But what an incredible month it has been. From the day we left on our big trip last month to a week after we returned home we saw almost $600 dollars of monthly support come in. What an incredible boost to our support! This recent additions threw us up to 35% support. We are so excited to see God continue to provide for us as we continue on our deputation trail. We also had the privilege to be with Pastor Randy Holloway in South Carolina who was a great friend to my father-in-law’s ministry there in Iceland. Later in the month we had the opportunity to help in a local churches Master Club’s program.

The Road Ahead
This prayer letter is being written from a family’s home in Elmira, NY as we have a missions conference continuing this week. We had the privilege to teach their very first Sunday school class in over a year. And we had a blast with the children. We have had a great time already and are looking forward to how the Lord leads through this week. After this conference we will return to North Carolina for a few local meeting in the surrounding states. We have many meetings coming up later this year around the country, but please pray with us that we would be able to fill our schedule in the coming weeks.

Fun Fact About Iceland
Believe it or not, the current world’s strongest man is Icelandic. His name is Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. He is 6’9” and 441 lbs and is able to deadlift 1,105 lbs, over twice his own body weight.

The Sears Family

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