Dear supporters,

In the Rear-view Mirror
This past month, we have been able to spend some more time at home as the spring missions conference season comes to a close, however, we are doing our best to remain busy for the LORD with much yet to do. We were able to help out at our local church’s Master Clubs this month which was a tremendous blessing. I always enjoy spending time with children being able to teach them something from the word of God. The last week of their Master Clubs just passed, and I was privileged to teach the Bible Time once again and bring a salvation message. During the ‘invitation’ I saw two young hands raise their hand that they had just accepted Christ.

WHAT A BLESSING! On top of that we have had another church just this month let us know that they will be supporting us. We do not know the exact amount of that support as of yet, however, we are always excited to be one step closer to reaching the field God has called us to. Finally, we were able to spend some time with our sending church this month and a young boy wanted to be the first one to have an autographed prayer card! (I felt famous).

The Road Ahead
This coming month we are seeing some of the repercussions of COVID, and have found this month to be void of any scheduled meetings, however, we will continue to drop into local churches. If you would please pray with us that those churches we are able to visit would seriously consider us for financial support. We do not know the exact percentage of our support, but we are upwards of 35%. We are continuing to focus our efforts to schedule meetings this fall as well as arrange opportunities for us to serve at our local church as well as our sending church. We are so grateful to all of those who have supported us along the way and we are so honored to be being used by God to serve different churches while on deputation.

Fun Fact About Iceland
Bested only by Bermuda and Switzerland, Iceland is the 3rd most expensive country in the world to live in. A dozen eggs cost $4.26, a Volkswagen Golf is 56% more expensive than in the states costing $31,230, and gasoline is $7.03 a gallon (however the current missionaries have seen gas soar to as high as $11.50 for one gallon).

The Sears Family

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