Dear supporters,

In the Rear-view Mirror
What a crazy month this has been. We began by driving down to Florida for a few meetings. During our second meeting, my Dad fell off of a roof in North Carolina as he was helping put on a metal roof at a church. In this fall, he broke four vertebrae in his back and severely damaged his spinal cord. Because of this, he has lost all feeling and motor function from his waist down. He is currently in a rehabilitation center in Charleston, SC where he is learning to adapt to life in a wheelchair. Please pray that God’s will is accomplished in all of this. During this time, I have been at their home helping to adjust what little projects I can be of help with and fill in the pulpit while he is out of commission. We have been able to since travel back down to Florida to finish some additional meetings. During a missions conference in Florida, a young girl named Jacklyn dedicated her life to Christ. Even through the midst of all this month has brought, we have so much to be thankful for. God has increased our support yet again, and shown us how to depend on Him in ways we never thought we would need to. We are thankful that God put us in the position to be able to help in many ways and be a blessing to our sending church.

The Road Ahead
We have just a couple more meetings for the rest of the year, and now we watch God do something incredible. Through a few different circumstances we ended up having to cancel a couple of meetings. Because of this, we are more dependent on God to fulfill our request of 60% support by the end of the year. We are still confident that God can work a miracle as we have already seen time and time again. However, we would please ask that you join us in prayer this month in particular for that 60% mark.

Fun Fact about Iceland
From 1915 to 1989, Beer was actually outlawed in Iceland. After a referendum in March of 1989, This alcohol was banned. Unfortunately, since that day, every March 1st is Bjórdagurinn which translates as “Beer day” yet another sign of the need of the gospel to reach this country.

The Sears Family

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