Dear supporters,

In the Rear-view Mirror
The first Month of 2022 has definitely had its surprises. We began the month flying out to California to visit four churches around the state. We saw at least one of those churches already let us know that they will be taking us on for support, looking forward to hearing back from more in the near future. In addition to this, God let me preach in the same church that my Dad and Uncle started in Sacramento, CA. Allow me to just brag on God for a little bit. Our trip to California was anything but inexpensive. When we landed on the 11th, I asked God for a specific amount which would cover our cost in traveling.

At the end of the trip, (by no fault of any of the churches) we had about $500 that still needed to come in to allow us to break even. When we saw our monthly income summary, there was a $500 love offering given by a church we had not been at for almost nine months. The best part of all is that the offering came in on the 11th! The exact day I asked God to take care of it, and in His foreknowledge, he answered my prayer before I even knew I needed it. After we returned back home, we had the opportunity to take part in a missions conference that also took us on for support. God is good. Right after this, our son tested positive for COVID, so we had to quarantine for about a week.

The Road Ahead
This next month has us traveling around the eastern coast. We are in two missions conferences, and we are very excited to see what God does through our meetings. Please pray with us as we travel that God would keep us safe, and that He would move the hearts of the churches to support us. We are still pushing to be in Iceland in March of next year, and if that is going to happen we will need to see God do some amazing things this year. We are so excited to see how He provides.

Fun Fact about Iceland
Icelandic horses are very protected in Iceland. Because of this, any horse or saddle that leaves the country for any reason like e competition, that horse/saddle will never return back to Iceland because of the different bacteria, germs, or sicknesses it m be
Icelandic horses have not built up an immunity or defense to.

The Sears Family

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