Dear supporters,

In the Rear-view Mirror
June has been an absolutely wonderful month. Even though we have not been as busy as other times, we have continued to enjoy presenting our ministry in Iceland to several churches. This month I (Nathan) had the privilege to see my wife speak in a Sunday school class (pictured right). It was so amazing to see her speak and be reminded that we are in this together and that we are a team headed to Iceland with like passions to see Iceland hear a clear presentation of the gospel. While we are still at  75% of our needed support, we have several churches that have told us they will be taking us on this month. We eagerly anticipate what God has in store for us these coming months. After the last church we visited, we now have TWENTY-FIVE churches left on deputation! We are so close to the end. Please continue to pray with us as we approach our move to Iceland.

The Road Ahead
Over the course of the next few months, we have several crucial items that need to occur. Firstly my residence permit needs to be sent which requires one last step and should be done very soon. Secondly, we need to arrange all the details and logistics of the shipment of our belongings to Iceland, and thirdly we need to begin the application process for my language school at the University of Iceland. All of these are several months out, but we need as much prayer in these areas as we can. We also have many more miles yet to travel as we will be in Indiana, to Florida, and most every state in between throughout the remainder of our deputation.

A Different Perspective
Hey, Everett here. I have had a great month. Near the start of the month was my birthday and we had an amazing time. I have been able to spend time with my grandparents, aunts, and uncles too. I always love seeing my family {especially my Nana). I am very excited about moving to Iceland, I love the snow just like my parents and I can’t wait to learn the language also. Please pray for me that I adjust well to the different culture. But I am very excited to try all their different candies. Every Saturday is half-priced candy day! I can’t wait.

The Sears Family